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Busselton Lawn Mowing’s Lawn Treatment services

Busselton Lawn Mowing’s lawn care treatments.
The most important thing to consider when growing your lawn is being aware about the different factors that may affect the grass’s appearance and growth. Your Lawn needs immediate attention every now and then, and above that you should also have wide knowledge about lawn treatments if you want your grass to stay healthy and vibrant for long periods of time.

Busselton Lawn Mowing can help to maintain your lawn and keep it healthy and protected against potential damage. Below are the Lawn Treatments they offer:

De Thatching

Thatch is healthy for your lawn because it acts as a fertiliser to your lawn. What can be a problem is when it becomes thicker and it suffocates the grass roots and stops the water from penetrating and bringing nutrients to your lawn. This should be solved by using a power rake to de thatch or have Busselton Lawn Mowing specialists to perform Verti mowing. This process digs into the soil and gives opportunity for your grass to have better air circulation and for water to better infiltrate deep through the root system. This procedure will aerate the soil which will help the soil stay healthy and make the grass in your lawn flourish.

Weed Spraying

Weeds compete with the grass by sucking up the nutrients from water and fertiliser. If you let them grow they can take over the space that should have been for the grass. They are also stubborn growers therefore you constantly have to remove them. Have your lawn free from weeds by hiring their weed spraying service that permeates and effectively remove weeds altogether. That way you can have neat green grass in your yard.

Reticulation System

Your lawn needs the proper amount of water to survive the harsh sun of Western Australia. If there is not enough water your grass will dry and get wilted, and if there is too much water your grass will drown, and die immediately. When you hire Busselton Lawn Mowing to install a reticulation system or sprinklers to your lawn you get to save a large amount of water and still sufficiently hydrate your grass.

Pull off a well conditioned lawn with lawn treatments

Thriving grass gives stunning appearance to the whole lawn. It should always be healthy and well maintained so that it is away from potential damage that may occur. That is why when you want to give the best for your lawn and if you are in need of a specialist to expertly assist you, rest assured that Busselton Lawn Mowing is here to help.